June 11, 2018

Luquillo, Puerto Rico

last evening
we walked toward a destination
knowing where we wanted to go
yet unsure how best to get there
following the gps
towards the setting sun

a boy fished from the shore
hoping for a catch
turning towards the sea
then back to watch his
family pack for home
after a long day
at the beach

children swam
in the dark waves
shouting laughing
mama leave me here
holding onto the joy of the water
until the last

a couple asked if
i had lost a phone
held it up for me to see
wiped the sand away
to find they could
not unlock the screen

as it grew dark
the beach became deserted
a white heron stepped
out of the gloom
we wondered if we
should continue
the phone could no longer show us the way

we chose to go on
guided by the music and the lights
in the distance
walking barefoot
between the sand and the sea

chased away the doubts
and the brief shivers
of fear

after our refrescos
walking back on the dark road
she rescues a frog that had strayed from
its hiding place in the grass to hop out into the traffic

in the unscripted
i am reminded again
of the opportunities for compassion
for joy and tastes of adventure
if i am watchful
for the signs
like this flashlight on my phone which i point towards the oncoming cars
so they know
we are her