Along the mountain roads of West Virginia, Augur follows a flatbed semi empty of its load, red taillights glowing like the eyes of strange creatures luring him into the fog. Dark trees hang over the road, dripping in the mist and it is easy for him to believe that he is once again traveling through the rain forest of Monteverde as he did so long ago.

The First Reading

Monteverde Farewell

September 27, 1988
Monteverde, Costa Rica

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Oxen pulling Bus, Monteverde, Costa Rica by jlseagull on Flickr

I watched as he rode off in that gray dawn
moving carefully down the trail
until the white mist of the rain
swallowed him up and he was
no more.

It was with sadness that I watched him go
and the tears bounced off of my cheeks
to join the tiny rivulets at my feet and
chase after him down the trail.
I remained though my heart rode with him
and wound as he did amidst the dark trees.

Diamonds clung to the leaves sparkling in
the sun on that day when he returned.
He smiled down at me and there was laughter
in his eyes.

The water ran from his hair down his face and
twinkled there in his beard as many tiny stars.
A warmth crept into me for he had returned and
I could for the moment face the next farewell.