As he drives, he is struck by a line from the book he is listening to which so encapsulates who he is.

“I don’t like the world the way it is and I miss the past. It’s a foolish way to live.”

If such is the case, then Augur guesses he is a fool and will forever be.

Oh, for more of a life of such foolishness.

The Third Reading

Yesterday’s Child

The existence of time travel is irrefutable.

Each day I revisit the past.

Memories will come to mind
either unbidden or in the
suddenness of a smell or sight
or simply in the everyday
existence of my life.

And yet,
what makes some memories
sticky and others less so?
Is it the emotion, choice,
or the sorrows that cause
the memories and the feelings
associated with them to feel
as real today as they
did so long ago?

I know not.
Only that some days the past
is closer than what is
before me today.
I move through now
holding the hand
of yesterday’s child
who is my blessed