The flow of memories within Augur is at times overwhelming.

So much churns within the head and out through the mouth like this stream against the rocks in his brain.

He crosses over the bridge he built as a young man past unseen construction lost under grass to a former home occupied now by precious others.

Inside the space Augur turns in circles seeing the work of his hands, overwhelmed by everything past and the beautiful present.

He leaves in a rush telling himself that he must prepare to sing, past the willow that has finally dropped its branches to the ground after so long a dying.

Up the hill Augur finds that he is running, but he knows not what from or where to.

Slowing down, he hears the music inside and all around him, the conversations of community echoing amongst the meadows and the trees.

He begins again to breathe as the melody so long a part of his soul takes him the rest of the way to the place where friends wait in anticipation of song.

RR Annual Meeting Concert 2015